Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Painted Bottles

I have seen different types of painted bottles all over Pinterest and this was my favorite. I bought blue, green and white acrylic paint for mine - half the fun was experimenting with different ratios of the color combinations. All you do is pour the paint into the bottles, swirl it around and then pour out the excess. Quick and easy = my favorite craft! The only downside is acrylic paint is not water proof so you can't use the painted bottles as vases for fresh flowers. However, I l-o-v-e dried hydrangeas (I'm sure none of you knew that. They weren't in this post, or this one and definitely not this one. They just like appearing in my blog photos. They're sneaky like that.) and they are perfect for these vases.

 Here they are in my kitchen window over the sink. I think they are enjoying their upgrade. They are pictured in this post in the old kitchen window prior to the paint makeover.

And here are some more above the...ahem...commode.

This was super easy and cheap. I think they would be a lot of fun for different events and gift giving. I hope you feel inspired to craft :)

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