Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Leaves

Today I took the girls for a walk through our new neighborhood. Ellie was quick to notice the fall and halloween decor so we took our time spotting and pointing out pumpkins and such along the way. Counting pumpkins was a fun way to practice our numbers too. As we walked, I explained to Ellie that it is fall and that the leaves are changing colors. We would watch for trees with changing leaves and stop and pick up different colored fallen leaves. When we got home, we read "Corduroy's Halloween" by B.G. Henessy and created a leaf collage with the collection from our walk.

To make gluing easier, I squirted some in a Crystal Light plastic container and gave Ellie a q-tip as an applicator. Thanks Kim for the great idea to use all those little containers I've collected :-)

And we always display the masterpiece artwork on the fridge :) 

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