Saturday, October 1, 2011

And the winner is...

Congrats to Stephannie Berry, the Digging Deep giveaway winner. Thank you all for participating in my first giveaway :) I know we will be blessed through this study.

I have more exciting news...we are all settled in to the new house! I will share pictures later but it has been pretty hectic around here unpacking boxes. Amongst all the craziness, Ellie is still having her "school" time. I found pipe cleaners and colorful beads for a dollar at the Dollar Tree so we have been putting those to use practicing fine motor skills. Ellie has gotten pretty good at stringing the beads on the pipe cleaners so now we are working on identifying color patterns. Did you notice I found another use for parmesan cheese containers? The little holes are perfect for Ellie to pour out a few beads at a time and Mommy likes that :)

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