Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toddler "School" Time

Like I mentioned last week, I'm trying to take time to practice letters and numbers with Ellie. I've found that a lot of moms keep a box, a basket, or multiple bags with activities to keep their toddler busy and help develop fine motor skills, letter recognition, etc. I've incorporated a modest basket for now and it may evolve as we go. I keep it stocked with age appropriate activity books (I lucked out and got these at a garage sale!), crayons for coloring, our frog game, flashcards, counting cards, and our egg carton game.

Here are some noteworthy blogs if you want to get your own toddler supplies together:

Have you noticed my "new" vintage tablecloth? Here it is with my new bowl too. Both are belated birthday gifts from a dear friend.

Love! She knows me well ;-)

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