Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super Hero Fort Kit

This weekend we were invited to a birthday party - not just any birthday party, our first boy birthday party - meaning I was completely and utterly at a loss for what to bring as a present. I know princesses, ponies, bows, dresses and....well, that pretty much sums it up! So, I searched Pinterest this week for some good ideas and found an idea for a super hero fort kit.

The birthday boy wasn't quite sure what kind of gift this was but once we got it out and built a fort, all the kids enjoyed it! I wish I would have taken a picture of them all huddled inside the fort :)

I searched at least six different stores for the "supplies" for this kit and let me just save you the trouble - start at Dollar Tree. That store is uh-mazing! I found all kinds of great stuff for Ellie's "school" time and fun crafty stuff for me to play with when the girls are napping.  I don't think I have been to a Dollar Tree since I was in grade school and it has definitely evolved - acrylic paint, packets of felt, pipe cleaners, activity books, baskets, and so much more for just a buck. Seriously, if you haven't been to a Dollar Tree lately, you ought to go check it out (am I the only one that still uses the word "ought"? I actually had to Google how to spell it...).

So here's what I included in my super hero fort kit:

I got the glowsticks from Target's dollar bin section. For several years now they have this specific brand around Halloween so I always stock up. The rope, clamps, flashlight and activity pad are all from my new favorite store a.k.a. Dollar Tree. I couldn't find fitted sheets cheaper than Walmart but you could also check thrift stores. I used a full size sheet but you could also use two twin size sheets.

I put my less than desirable super sewing skills to use by adding eight ties to the fitted sheet. All I did was cut an old t-shirt into strips and then hand stitched them equal distance around the sheet. In hindsight, I should have gotten my sewing machine out instead. I washed the sheet when I was finished sewing and three ties came off! That is how awesome my sewing skills are.

 I decided to sort everything in a basket for easy super hero fort storage.

And then I realized I somehow had to fit that enormous sheet in the basket too.

I used a matching pillowcase to "wrap" up the present and then I scoured the house for something to use to tie it shut. I pretty much only have frou-frou ribbon and then I remembered...

Yes, this is a pair of my old sweatpants. I loved them so much that I wore them even after I got that bleach spot on them and they faded to grey. I finally decided to throw them away a couple months ago but kept thinking surely I could use them for something. I'm planning on cutting them up to use as cloth baby wipes BUT I spy something perfect to finish my gift!

I enjoyed making the tag and just glued it on some matching card stock. I don't know how to include a template link so if you are interested in the template, just comment below and I'll email it to you. If you know how I can upload it on my webpage, let me know!

Here are some blogs with fort kits that inspired me. I hope you'll send me a picture if you do your take on this gift.

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