Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Wreath

Even though we are still getting settled from the move, I really have been wanting to get out my fall decor. Unfortunately when I opened my very small fall decor box, this is all I found:

::insert disappointed face here::

Since the tablecloth won't fit my new table (I'll share pictures once everything is in order!), I decided to use it and the brown and orange tulle to make a wreath. I got the idea from my good friend Katie who made this wreath for my baby shower.

All I had to do was grab an old wire hanger, shape it into a circle and tie with fabric and tulle strips - alternating the colors.  {I will admit, shaping a wire hanger is a little difficult. I used pliers and my husband's assistance after nearly taking my eye out three times.} I wanted a more shabby look so I ripped the tablecloth strips so that the edges would fray as opposed to cutting them. When I finished, I hot glued some pumpkins and silk leaves to it. I had enough materials that I was able to make a second wreath for a friend.

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