Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another boy craft

Not that long ago I attempted to make a jet pack and, once again, a boy craft caught my eye on Pinterest. I love this fabric road because it cost nearly nothing to make, takes up no space and gave a new use to an old pair of jeans that we're being thrown out anyway. Unfortunately, my two and a half year old princess daughter isn't too interested in playing with cars - at least we have nephews :)

The fabric road is just pieces of denim cut into strips. I made one intersection and several straight, curvy, long and short pieces to put together. I used acrylic yellow paint for the dotted line on the road and it didn't show up very well. If you go here, you'll see my Pinterest inspiration and a much better version of this project. I chose not to finish the edges partly because my sewing machine and I don't see eye to eye but mostly because I'm a tad bit lazy ;-)

It was fun to make and I did try to get Ellie to put the pieces together with me and then drive her lone race car around the track. Instead, she ran to get her camera so she could take a picture of it ;-)

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