Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recycled Napkin Rings

I've been trying to find uses for all my leftover paper towel and toilet paper rolls for a while now (some of you know my fascination with recycled crafts). When I thought of making napkin rings with them, I started searching online for some inspiration. I love these. The tutorial I followed to make mine is here.

I went through my scrapbooking box to find some paper that would compliment my table and decided to go with a purple print.

All I used was Mod Podge to adhese the paper to the roll and then several coats on top to give it a nice, glossy shine. Have I mentioned that I love Mod Podge?

I'd love to make more in the future with fabric or a different paper pattern. We are never short on paper towel and toilet paper rolls so supply is not a problem! Since it is such an inexpensive craft, I'm considering making some fun holiday napkin rings  too, like these.

Overall, I'm really happy with the end product and thankful that it didn't cost me anything!


  1. Those are awesome! It's even more awesome that you wrote this in the hospital after having a baby! You are so crazy! But I love it! I will have to do this. This is great! Do you always keep your table set even when it's not dinner time? Or do you do that right before dinner and for pictures? ;) So pretty!

  2. Thanks Julie :) When we had a formal dining room, I always kept the table set but now we have this larger, casual table instead. I love to set the table for company but I don't typically go to the trouble for a regular family dinner. However - I do try to find any excuse to use my fancy china or cloth napkins ;-)

  3. I can't believe you just had a baby and already you are making home made napkin rings. I am no where near as good at being a home maker as you are! You should give lessons :)