Monday, May 23, 2011

If Colors Could Talk...

I am by no means a talented artist or writer but last year I decided to challenge myself to write a children's book for Ellie. I like to make homemade gifts for my family that can be kept as keepsakes. Ellie is young enough that she appreciates my mediocre illustrations and basic rhymes ;-) I thought I would share my book with you all and maybe inspire you to write for your children. I had mine printed and bound in a hardback book from Walmart and Ellie enjoys reading it together. Here is an online version to view (I also embedded it at the bottom of the page). Have any of you done similar projects for your kids?


  1. I love it! that was great, I would totally buy that :)

    My foray into children's books started and ended with Parker and his Bell Pepper. Did you ever see that online?

  2. Thanks Tania! Is Parker's experience on your blog?

  3. No, but the photo album is on my face book (called Parker and his Bell pepper) and the story is in the captions. I made copies to give to family for christmas gifts a few years ago. It was a lot of fun