Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick & Easy-to-Sew Changing Pad

I wish I was better at sewing but it is just not a talent that I have. I use my sewing machine for small projects like tablecloths, table runners and minor tailoring of my wardrobe but that is the extent of my skills. So, I can honestly say this is the easiest sewing project ever! Before Ellie was born, I could not find a cute changing pad for my diaper bag anywhere. I finally got the idea to make one using vinyl tablecloth material. I was fortunate to find this pretty brown and green pattern since I didn't want it to actually look like a picnic tablecloth :) What I love about this is that you can easily wash or spray it down to disinfect the changing pad. These also make great gifts for baby showers since most everyone appreciates a homemade, unique, and functional gift!

I also found plain white to back this pretty leftover fabric. I like this one because I know the white vinyl goes face down and the side that baby lies on, never touches the dirty changing station. I used both of these with Ellie and they held up so well I'll be able use them again with baby sister. All I did was cut the fabric out for the size of changing pad I wanted and sew it together. When I was finished sewing it together, I went ahead and sewed around the border to help it lie flat and give it a more polished look....well, as "polished" as any of my sewing projects could look ;-)

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