Friday, November 4, 2011

Another lamp makeover

Remember the rosette lamp makeover I did? Well I used the same spray paint on this one but no rosettes. It is a funny story actually. Well more like one of those stories that is definitely NOT funny at the time but comical after the fact. I had two of these lamps in our old living room and Chase stated that they were too outdated for the new house. So...I did what I always do when I have junk on my hands - I spray painted them! Unfortunately, in between the first and second coat, an acorn fell from a tree in the yard and broke part of the lamp base which was made of glass. I was pretty bummed about that but decided to make the most of the one lamp left. After attempting to tear apart one lampshade, I changed my mind and decided to decorate the leftover lampshade (from the broken lamp) only to discover it had been accidentally given away in our garage sale. So! Back to square one. I had seen wire lampshades covered in fabric at a local craft shop. It gave me the idea for this one in which I used strips of white fabric, lace trim and a strand of plastic pearls. I knotted them end to end, alternating fabric/lace/pearls and then wrapped them around the wire lampshade frame.

Here is the "before" picture of this lamp:

And the "after" shot:

What do you think?

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