Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Makeover Projects

As we get ready to move, I'm trying to finish up a lot of little projects around the house. There are several things that I have painted and still want to paint. The new house has lighter colors and I'm hoping to give it a somewhat cottage/country feel. Here are some recent projects:

There is no "before" picture...sorry. I'm too scatter-brained with moving to think of such things. But do you remember my lovely $3 quilt from Tuesday Morning? I'm so glad it found me :) This chair was really a pain to paint with all the slats. It was black before so I had to put a couple coats of paint on it. I used a sponge brush to get in between the slats. I still wasn't thrilled with how it turned out so I used some leftover white spray paint to give it an all over even coat of paint.

 Then I finished it with this. I'm using this clear finish like crazy on EVERYTHING. It is just a nice protective topcoat to keep the paint from chipping off (which is my main concern with spray paint).

I'm trying to purge a lot of "stuff" that we don't need as I pack - like this picture frame that really doesn't match anything in our house. I was actually walking it to the giveaway pile when I thought, "Hmm...I wonder what that would look like painted white?" And wouldn't you know I had just enough white spray paint left ;-)
(I did sand it down a little even though it isn't real wood. Roughening it up a little = spray paint sticks better = less coats of spray paint = best spray painting advice I've learned.)

I love it now. How can I love something so much that I didn't like at all before? Now if I could just have that kind of foresight more often.

Again, no "before" picture...see comment above. This was a silver frame that also just didn't fit in with the rest of the decor. I would apologize for the poor picture quality but you probably already figured out I took it with my phone while packing a box with the books from this shelf. I'm also wondering if this shelf needs painted but today is not the day.

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