Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sensory Tubs

Lately I've been seeing lots of sensory tubs for preschool age kids. I like the idea of them and I know that Ellie would enjoy it but, honestly, I don't want to deal with the mess! We make messes around here all the time without the help of tubs of sand, shells, beans, rice, pebbles, beads, etc. However, a lot of blogs I have been visiting lately are talking about this sensory tub medium:

I didn't even know these water beads existed and had to read the packaging to figure out their true purpose. (I bought mine for a buck at Dollar Tree - have I mentioned how much I love that place?!) They are squishy little balls of water that help keep plants hydrated (I think??). Anyway, I must admit that they are fun to play with. Ellie LOVES when I get them out during our school time and calls them "bubbles." They are pretty slippery and we ended up making a little mess but at least it is just water :)

And, yes, that is a monkey on her back. She insisted on wearing it all day.

 Instead of using a big tub, I just put the water beads in a diaper wipes container and added different shapes for Ellie to identify. I may have to go buy more so we can have a bigger sensory tub and just maybe I'll venture out to try some other sensory mediums. If you are interested in other sensory tub ideas, check them out on Pinterest. 


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