Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Discount Deals

Okay y'all. I feel bad that I haven't shared this sooner. Are you aware of all the discount deals on the internet? There are two boutique dealers that I purchase from regularly and I really have been meaning to share them with my bloggy friends! I've not been solicited to share these deals but I have been very happy with my purchases over the last several months. I check these deals daily and I've purchased several items from both companies. They offer deals on unique handmade and/or specialty items often at half price and sometimes up to 70% off! You can sign up to receive email deals or you can "like" their Facebook pages and follow the deals there. I have followed other daily deals but these two boutiques are the only I have purchased from and they are much more reasonably priced.

Here are just a few deals that I have purchased:

Shabby Burlap Stockings from GroopDealz.  $8 each
This is probably my favorite of all the deals. I have one of the ruffle stockings and one with "noel" stamped on muslin.

Here they are hung in my entryway.

Set of 6 chalkboard place settings from GroopDealz. $10 set
I've already used these for the holidays.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/groopdealz

Painted filigree locket necklace from Very Jane. $7.50

Belle dress-up apron from Very Jane. $7.50
Ellie loves playing dress-up and these are just darling!

When I find deals I want to purchase, I consider if I could make them myself and, if so, could I make them for less than these prices. If not, I place an order. There is no cost to becoming a member of these sites. You can access Very Jane here. And GroopDealz here. ***Just like any member of GroopDealz, if you use my referral link, I receive $5 off my next order. I would love for you to use my link but most importantly I just want to share these great deals with y'all! I actually felt bad that I haven't shared them sooner. Hope you enjoy and please share any other discount deals you would recommend!

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