Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Letter C

Ellie is doing a letter of the week curriculum for preschool. I started earlier in the summer so that we would have a head start before baby brother arrives. Here are some of our activities from our letter C week. The themes and additional activities used can be found at Preschool Alphabet's blog. I did skip the "C is for Cheerio" theme because we are focusing on the hard "c" sound.

  • We talked about how clouds look and I made this shaving cream sensory bag. We imagined this must be what clouds feel like! (I also made one of these using blue hair gel, glitter and glass gems for Hannah Rose to play with. I think Ellie enjoyed the sensory bags even more than her sister.)
  • After reading Eric Carle's Little Cloud, Ellie used a white dry erase crayon on her black board to draw clouds. She also drew with a white crayon on white paper. I gave her blue paint and she painted over her clouds to make them appear. So much fun! 


  • Making Learning Fun has highway alphabet cards and I printed the letters A, B and C. Ellie enjoyed driving her race car over the letter streets. I also printed the various shape "streets" and we use them to practice and review shapes on the days I don't incorporate a workbook page practicing shapes. 
  • We read the Spanish version of Dr. Seuss' Go Dog, Go! (Corre Perro, Corre!). This is Ellie's favorite book to be read in Spanish. It is great for practicing command words and reviewing colors and sizes. We talked about how in Spanish, there are many words for car but two of them also start with the letter C - coche and carro. (This book only loosely      relates to the theme of cars because the dogs in the story are often  driving in their cars.) 
  • I described a drive-in movie to Ellie and then let her attend her own private drive-in. Her car was an old diaper box and the movie was most likely Rapunzel. You can find a tutorial for this activity here
  • After reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, we listened to author Laura Numeroff read it online at Barnes and Noble Storytime.
I would also recommend finding a good way to save your child's artwork. I keep a file folder with Ellie's projects but, obviously, I can't keep them all. Plus, some of them won't last long before the Fruit Loops come unglued...or sister eats them ;-) I'm using an iphone app called Artkive to save Ellie's work. Here is a screenshot to give you an idea of how it looks in case you are interested:

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