Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Fish

Does anyone else remember the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister? I have always loved that story! I know I have been posting a lot of letter of the week summaries and I am just about caught up. This past week we worked on the letter F and I was so excited to implement "F is for fish" as one of our themes for the sole purpose of reading this book! I love The Rainbow Fish and was rather sentimental to have the opportunity to share it with Ellie.

To begin, we worked on the fish counting printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Next, I asked her some of the pre-reading discussion questions found in this devotional. After reading the story, we discussed the devotional post-reading questions and read the Bible account from Mark 9:33-35 about Jesus' disciples arguing about who was the greatest. There are two devotionals in that link and we used the second for our Family Bible Time later that evening. It was fun to read the book again and discuss another valuable lesson about true happiness and sharing.

For her craft project, I had Ellie paint a picture using the colors of Rainbow fish (blue, green and purple). After her picture dried, I cut out a fish pattern and had her glue on the last remaining shimmering scale that Rainbow Fish had (aluminum foil). I think we might hang him in her room. I got this idea from A to Z Teacher Stuff - they have several great ideas for this book.

Step 1

Step 2

After nap, I took the girls on a surprise trip to Walmart and we bought two goldfish to bring home! Ellie is loving the goldfish...possibly a little too much. I'm still having to explain to her that she cannot touch them and play with their water. She loves feeding them and watching them swim around. She named one Rainbow Fish and the other Nemo.

I also was going to buy her a small bag of Goldfish crackers as a special snack but she wanted mini M&M's instead. How is a pregnant lady who is craving chocolate supposed to argue with that? M&M's it is.

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