Friday, April 29, 2011

Hosting Showers

I am by no means an expert of hosting events but I have picked up some great ideas from other ladies that I hope to pass on to you. If you are looking for some beautiful "Martha Stewart" type showers that put mine to shame, you must check out this post from my friend Lindsay's blog or this one. Here is another one that my friend Emily hosted. These girls are sisters and you'll really enjoy their home projects so check out their blogs! Creativity runs through their veins and I'm just glad they share their ideas :)

Baby shower
"Nana" shower for my mother-in-law
I typically have a small budget to work with for showers so I try to use the decor I have around my house instead of investing money in decorations. I love using tulle fabric (can you tell?!) for decorating so I keep a couple yards in a variety of colors on hand. It is so cheap and versatile for using to decorate.

Also, I try to incorporate part of my shower gift into the decorations I use. For example, my sister-in-law's shower colors were black and red. I found these cute little plates that she could

 then keep after we used them. I also framed some of her engagement photos in frames that would match her apartment colors. My friend Audreya made the cake. Isn't it beautiful?!

For baby showers, a diaper cake makes a great centerpiece and they are so easy to make - just grab some diapers, rubber bands, ribbon and straight pins. If you want to get fancy, you can add floral sprigs or baby accessories to decorate the "cake." There are tons of tutorials out there if you want a step by step approach.

I hope you will share any ideas you have for decorating and hosting showers without breaking the bank. I'm always looking for new ideas :)


  1. Beautiful showers! I knew you were talented....but that is just crazy cute! I love how you had tulle in every picture. ;) I love tulle!

  2. Thanks Katie! You know how I love tulle lol. Tutus, decorating, gift wrapping, there is always a new use for it :)