Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cloth Diapering

In preparation for baby sister, I ordered some new cloth diaper covers and I can't wait until she will fit into them!

I started cloth diapering with Ellie when she was about seven months old and used them until she was potty trained at 22 months. We saved a lot of money on diapers this way and, maybe this makes me weird, but I actually enjoy cloth diapering :) Chase was a little hesitant when I began this endeavor but when he realized how much money we were saving (about $50/month), he was thankful and didn't even mind changing the diapers! I only invested about $50 in covers and pre-folds when I started out with Ellie so they paid for themselves after the first month. 

The Flip brand of covers are my favorite because they hold up the best in the wash and are reasonably priced. I have also used Econobum (which is the cheapest!) but they only come in white and aren't quite as good of quality. 

I use all types of traditional pre-folds on the inside of the covers.

 I just take the pre-fold and fold it into thirds, place it in the cover and that is it! Unless the cover gets soiled, I can use it several times throughout the day and only have to replace the pre-fold. 

 With Ellie I used cloth diapers mainly just at the house and for short trips. I am *hoping* to use them almost exclusively with baby sister after the first couple of months. I've even bought some disposable inserts from the Flip line that can be used instead of pre-folds for when we are out and about. I also bought a cute little wet bag for putting dirty diapers in until we get home. I keep a plastic lidded container in our laundry room and just wash all the diapers at once at the end of the day. I use homemade laundry soap for washing them which you can find here. Being a keeper of the home is such a joy and I am thankful for the privilege I have to be a wife and mommy!

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  1. Ok, I have thought about cloth diapering too. I should have started before now to save lots of money!! But I have a friend who buys the all in one diapers and they are quite expensive, it would take about 6 months to re-coup the cost. What do you do with the poop? Do you just shake it out in the toilet? Do you use disposable wipes or cloth? I might try this for at least when we are home!

  2. You only spent $50!? Wow you put my to shame ;). I bought expensive pocket diapers and I hate them because they are so hard to get clean! not buy the all in ones or anything else, personally I don't think they are worth the money!
    Kristen how many covers do you own and how many prefolds? Do you wash every night for real? I am able to wash every other at most every 2 days. I am going to be selling my diapers and going to nothing but the prefolds but my only concern with them is Breastfeeding poo and how it's so runny. Did you have any issues with Ellie?
    ~Lindsay as for the poo, I use a diaper sprayer that attaches to the toilet or you can just shake it off but sometimes when it's too soft to shake off its nice for me to have the sprayer. :) I also use cloth wipes just because you are doing laundry anyway so why not just throw the wipes in too. :)

  3. Okay let me try to answer you both!
    Here is a link to the diapers I bought. I waited until they were running some sort of special and I got a discount:

    I like how these covers can be used over and over without needing washed because you can just replace the pre-fold inside.

    I used 3 covers with Ellie but I felt like I needed a couple more so I bought some new ones for baby sister. I probably have around 20 pre-folds but I try to do the laundry every day but at the most every other day so it doesn't get stinky!

    I haven't used them on a newborn since I started when Ellie was a little older but I normally could just drop the poo off the pre-fold into the toilet. If it wouldn't "roll" right off, I just took some toilet paper and wiped it off. Rarely did it take any more effort than that!

    I use cloth wipes too! I'll be posting about that here shortly!